Densan Consultants Ltd.

Taking the puzzle out of electronic media monitoring

NewsLink is a system especially designed to meet today's demands for electronic media monitoring distribution. Designed and refined over many years, NewsLink is the product of extensive consultation with media monitoring users. The tools and techniques found in NewsLink are those that users have said they need to successfully implement an electronic media monitoring distribution system.

NewsLink is a technology solution. We do not resell or repackage content. Clients subscribe to as many information providers as they wish. We provide filters and procedures to integrate the content into a comprehensive system.

NewsLink is the only media monitoring system to successfully integrate print monitoring with video monitoring technology into a comprehensive state-of-the-art solution. Users can monitor video feeds in real-time and produce transcripts and/or video clips on demand.

What we do

NewsLink is designed as a modular solution which consists of a combination of software and services which deliver a product that is tailored to the needs of the client. The software modules include:


Includes software and utilities to receive news feeds, edit content and manage the media monitoring system.

Web Publisher

Software tools necessary to implement the NewsLink solution on the Intranet.

Custom Query

Software to manage full newspaper feeds and permit client staff to perform custom filtering of the news and wire feeds.

Analysis Module

Integrates with Administrator module to permit users to analyse information content and produce tables, charts and graphs.

Alerts Module

Allows users to create their own news profiles with the option to receive the content via email on a daily basis, or run the profiles online.


An administration tool that quickly allows the creation of updates pages and news packages for early morning distribution.